111Work with Hisense to Create a Blue Ocean of Display Products


The recent years have witnessed the rapid development of Hisense’s performance. As one of Hisense’s leading optimal film product suppliers, KDX has also enjoyed fast growth. Currently, KDX has supplied products to more than a hundred customers, including Hisense, and provided them with customized solutions. KDX has become a leading global supplier of display optimal film.


KDX has established a partnership with Hisense as early as 2013. From 2014, it started the mass production and delivery of optimal film for backlight units (BLU) and many optimal film products have been supplied in large quantity for five consecutive years. In May 2017. KDX’s high-end prism composite materials broke the monopoly of Korean manufacturers and KDX became Hisense’s first domestic supplier of prism composite materials. In 2017, Hisense and KDX started joint development in the field of cadmium-free quantum dots (CFQD), which was regarded by Hisense as a technology iteration and a valuable exploration.



Innovation Day activities: Hisense & KDX Theme Seminar on new materials